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Stage Plot

"Just another band out of... Seattle"?

Relive the BOSTON experience with Third Stage: A Tribute to BOSTON!!

Third Stage performs ALL of the band's biggest hits that blasted out of so many stereos,
8-tracks and cassette players back in the mid 70s and early 80s.
Third Stage brings you the huge guitars, vocals, and of course, polyester that made Boston such a household name.

Yer gonna dig it!

Has been on the rock scene for most of his life.  With an incredible range, he was best known for singing female vocal parts and Michael Jackson songs (the young Michael).  When approached by friend, guitar wizard and mad scientist, Schom Tolz about doing a tribute to Boston, Dad said, "Finally, I get to sing man songs."  Dad then went about helping Schom line the amazing talent necessary to pull off this difficult music, and take over management of Third Stage.  Dad's roadie, ARNY Bailey, is responsible for all Dad's gear, which includes guitars, processors, and a vice for that one note in More Than a Feeling.
Schom Tolz is an American rock music icon; the guitarist and creative genius behind Third Stage - A Tribute to Boston. Tolz’s appeal is wide. His flowing hair and trademark white velour bell-bottoms have lit up stages and lady’s hearts around the world, while his soaring, melodic guitar solos have been known to elicit tears from the mightiest of metalheads.

In the years prior to Third Stage Tolz attended the prestigious MIT®  (Milwaukee Technical College), earning a degree in electrical engineering. Upon graduation Tolz applied his technical knowledge to the world of music, inventing the first portable guitar processor, dubbed the "ManRock"®.

Now, as Third Stage continues to dominate stages large and small, Schom looks to the future: “Our plan is to write and record a new album every year, and tour hard to promote them!” Indeed, 1977 promises to be a banner year for Schom and company.


Garry Boudreau is the guitar player that  provides the dazzling harmonies and puzzling counter point lines to Schom Toltz's powerhouse guitar solos. But life hasn't always exactly been a pleasure cruise for the self acclaimed rock star. At the tender age of 15, young Garry was arrested and sentenced 15 years of hard labor for attempted mustache.  While working on the chain gang he was introduced to Hib Sashian who taught Barry how to grow a thick and luxurious display of facial hair and Shan Freehan, who taught him how to play the guitar. "I taught him everything I know about the guitar", says Shan,"it took me half an hour!" After serving his time, Garry's mentors introduced him to Dad Brelp and Schom Tolz who where looking for a moustachioed guitar slinger to fill out the line up of the newly formed "Third Stage." "I have never, ever heard anything quite like Garry ... " says Schom.


Hib Sashian learned to speak at an early age.  It is rumored that his first words were, “What city are we in, baby?  Hello Cleveland!!!”  He gained early fame as a fill-in drummer for the mega hearing impaired group “The What?” when their resident drummer, Keith Sun, suffered lacerations resulting from driving his Mercedes into a Holiday Inn pool.  Hib further honed his drumming chops playing in bands such as “Toledo” and “Pittsburgh”, and finally worked his way up to “Detroit” before joining the band that would make him famous.  Hib owns 2,467 black tank tops, including a mint condition 1957 tank purchased by Elvis during the Jailhouse Rock days, but never used.  Still has the ‘ole tagger on it, but it can't be worn, or even looked at…ever… Hib's words to live by:  "Work the bell bottoms, ALWAYS use quality hair care products, make drummer sweat work FOR you, and get the chicks, baby."

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Shan Freehan
Internationally known bitchen bass player, and jet-setting playboy of Third Stage, Shan is a collector of basses, blown glassware, women's phone numbers, and good times. A former student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), Shan left school with a "Magnu-cum Later or Not at All" and migrated to California where he studied intensley at B.I.T. (Bongolian Institute of Technology) and also learned a great deal about horticulture, aeroponics, and tailoring (he has many paternity suits). To put himself through school, Shan did a brief stint as a long underware model, but the shame of it caused him to search elsewhere to make ends meet. After meeting Hib Sashian at a Tupperware party (he was a young bachelor after all), Hib invited him to play bass in Third Stage. Having only played triangle, slide whistle, and a comb with wax paper, Shan was, of course, a natural for the bass. All of that previous experience and his natural tendancy for being in the wrong place at the wrong time made him the perfect choice for Third Stage. He was also, the only guy that showed up for the audition. In early 2014, after Washington and Colorado changed their state mottos to "Just Say Yes", Shan migrated to Washington but also has homes in Colorado, Columbia, Mexico, and of course, Boston.

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Next to nothing is known about TKP. Strange savant when it comes to keyboards and tambourine, TKP just showed up one day with his keyboards at the exact time that Third Stage decided that playing "Foreplay/Long Time" without keyboards just wasn't as good. A member of the Witness Protection Program, the rest of the guys in the band don't get too close to him... basically because they live in fear that they may one day vanish without a trace. Blessed with one of the most AMAZING MUSICAL EARS that any in the band has ever encountered, TKP's finger dexterity has been known to bring audiences to their feet and to make women pass out. A consumate musician and Chutes and Ladders player, TKP is Third Stage's secret weapon.